From our appreciative audience….

"From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your time, talent, and compassion.  Your gifts mean everything to Vera and our family.  You are all as beautiful as the music you make.  Because of you, we have had countless days supporting and loving Vera, something that would have otherwise been impossible.  Many of our friends and family took off work and school (some traveled hundreds of miles) to see you in concert and many more tuned in online.  "Vera's Concert" has quickly become one of the most cherished events of her community.  The past twenty months have been trying, but the love and support of family, friends, and so many strangers like you has held us up on our most difficult days. Your contribution - two years in a row - has allowed us to continue to be present and care for our daughter, and it has also given us the means to provide her with an accessible home that will continue to meet her needs as she grows. Through hundreds of hours of therapy and affection, Vera is now nearly 16 pounds (twice her size from last year!), can lift her head, is tracking, reaching, kicking and interacting, and she smiles ear-to-ear every day.  Her life is better because of you.On behalf of our family and the other members of Vera's Village, thank you for your devotion and generosity to the most vulnerable among us. Merry Christmas"
The Macel Family - Josh, Katie, Marielle, and Vera

“A great thank you for all that you do with your music ministry. The joy that you bring to so many cannot be quantified and, at the same time, doing so much good through music for those in need."


“This year’s concert was absolutely fantastic and something you should be proud of.  We are all blessed to be recipients of all you do.”  An Epiphany of Our Lord Parishioner


“Your love and your generosity is beyond anything we could have imagined. Thank you and Thank you GAUDEAMUS. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts”   “ Vera’s Village”


“My family and I had such an incredible experience at your beautiful concert.  We were moved to tears at the talent, the beauty and the joy in the room. It was a gift to us to have that experience together.  We are so grateful to you for making this donation to Children’s Hospital Neuro-Oncology Unit.  It is simply amazing to know that such a significant donation is now going to CHOP in Peter’s name.“
The Cellucci Family – St. Patrick’s Church/Malvern

“Congratulations and prayerful best wishes on your 30th year of Ministry and commendations on your pursuit of excellence and consummate joy you provide our listeners.”

“You are doing such great, wonderful work for those less fortunate than us. God bless your work.”

“God bless you for your great work – keep it up”

“Amazing, heart-warming, professional, inspiring, joyful, dignified, reverent”

“I can’t think of enough descriptions to explain what we experienced at your performance at Epiphany of Our Lord church this past Sunday night. We are not from the area but were invited to attend….thank you for all that you do to support good causes.”

“What a spectacular reward for my adventure out on a dark night.” Transformative…spiritual, my soul and heart were touched”

““What a true joy for all of us…the concert was magnificent…thank you for all you do.”


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